Wool Classics

Our wool crêpe fabrics made from ultra-high twist yarns are part of the TESSILBIELLA tradition.

We supply fixed and stretch versions, from light weights with pleasant transparencies to coat weight, including splittable double-face.

Light, soft, combed and carded. In a wide range of mélange or plain colour shades.

For a classic dress-code in its purest form, or washed or ultra-fulled for more unusual finishes.

Stretch and bistretch offering full comfort for dresses, jackets and trousers. Double, bicolour, designed for the most precious coats.

Evergreen cool wool, gabardine, canvas, satin, serge, grain-de-poudre, cavallery twill, tricotine. Jacket and coat weights.

Soft or peppy feels. Pure or mixed with silk, mohair, viscose.

Bold finishes that allow us to offer something new every season.

We have always supplied a wide range of stretch weaves. Stretch fabrics designed to satisfy the most demanding fashion markets, manufactured according to the technical specifications required by the customer.

The use of latest-generation stretch yarns is fundamental for maintaining the elastic properties over time.

These two words sum up the need to create fabrics used to make comfortable, practical and yet elegant clothing that guarantees a perfect fit.

We have achieved this with pure wools made from high twist, natural-stretch, breathable, versatile and crease-proof yarns.

Practicality and luxury are also combined for the maintenance of our travel suiting fabrics, which are water-washable.